Jairo Cabello

Photography | Amplifiers | Technology

+49 01575 2202531
Düsseldorf, Germany


Born in 1996 at the south of Spain, I've grow up being the curious child that had to understand everything that surrounds him.

I am a passionate technology geek that enjoys experimenting with new and old technologies, promulgating knowledge, playing guitar or walking the streets with a camera in my hands.

Co-founded TmaiN amplifiers, currently involved as consultant for the design and ergonomics of the final products.

Moved into Germany back in 2015, to start working as IT Support for trivago

Top skills


When it comes to look for solutions to problems that don't have a how-to guide to get resolved.


Warhol, Jobs, Xiaomi, Mccurry, Porsche, Fender... Those are some of the individuals or brands who inspire my decisions when it comes to branding and design products.


Books, documentaries, tutorials, brainstormings, talks, conferences, or a simple conversations, all opportunities of learning that I would take.


Enough to create and run this website.


Proficiency in any kind of electronic device produced since 2005.


Deliver the right message to the right audience even when it comes to describe awkward ideas.


My experience and education.


Atlassian specialist consultant

Responsible for Atlassian product consulting, maintenance and support for external clients. Integration of Atlassian products with Devops automation workflows.


Oct 2018 - present


Guitar amplfiiers, cabinets and effects. I help out on everything related to business decisions, strategy, product and more. Email me for investment opportunities!

TmaiN amplifiers

2013 - present

Atlassian in-house consultant

Main administrator and in-house consultant for the Atlassian toolset in trivago, including Jira, Jira Servicedesk, Confluence, and bitbucket.


Mar 2018 - Sep 2018

Jira Servicedesk Administrator

Main administrator of Atlassian Service desk Among my duties: - Design and creation of team workflows, issue types, incidences, etc. - Incident management - Educate agents on how to get the best of the tool - Keep the tool update to reflect real world problems


2017 - 2018

IT technical support

Second and third level support.
Troubleshooting of windows10 and macOS.
User feedback gathering to keep focus on real user problems
Configuration and deployment of hardware for new employees
Confluence user troubleshooting
Media troubleshooting for conferences and events


2015 - 2018


Three months internship as Sysadmin. Perl scripting and automatizations in IBM SmartCloud.

Rewe Systems

2015 - 2015


Microcomputer systems and networks mid-grade

Networking, windows Active directory, Linux administration, software deployment and scripting.

IES Campanillas

2013 - 2015

Samsung Tech Institute

Fundamentals of Java, user interface design and object-oriented programming techniques

University of Malaga

2015 - 2015

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